Welcome to the 2019 International Patellofemoral Pain Clinical Symposium
October 3, 2019 | Milwaukee Marriott Downtown, Milwaukee, WI, USA


We have put together an exciting and informative one-day program, integrating presentations from leading international experts on PFP.

The day will include clinically applicable presentations and an expert panel discussion on what really is important when managing patients with PFP.

Registration will open at 7:00am, with the final session concluding at 5:00pm.

Lunch and refreshments during breaks are included and will allow plenty of opportunity to interact with presenters and sponsors.

The PDF of the Clinical Symposium schedule can be found here.


(early bird ends August 27)

Session 1: Welcome & Summary of iPFRR19

  1. Summary of new research findings and key outcomes of consensus discussions from the 6th International Patellofemoral Pain Research Retreat (Retraining, Pain/Psychological factors, Reporting Guidelines) (October 1-3, 2019, Milwaukee)

  2. Dr Natalie Collins

  3. Dr Marienke van Middelkoop

  4. Prof Irene Davis

Session 2: Biomechanical Influences on the PF Joint

  1. Prof Irene Davis

    Distal Influences

  2. Dr Erin Macri

    Local Influences

  3. Dr David Bazett-Jones

    Proximal Influences

Session 3: Evaluation

  1. Dr Lori Bolgla

    Evaluation of the Patient with PFP: What is important? What is not important?

  2. Prof Irene Davis

    Evaluation of the Runner with PFP

  3. Dr Monna Arvinen-Barrow

    Pain & Psychosocial Aspects of PFP

Session 4: Treatment

  1. Dr Lori Bolgla

    Hip & Knee strengthening for PFP: Current evidence

  2. Prof Chris Powers

    Hip and knee strengthening for PFP: Biomechanical considerations

  3. Dr. Natalie Collins

    Foot orthoses for PFP: Current evidence

  4. Jenny McConnell

    Management of recalcitrant patellofemoral pain

Session 5: Panel Discussion

  1. What is most important in managing patients with Patellofemoral Pain? What is most important from the patient perspective?

    Viewpoints from clinical experts

    Jenny McConnell, Prof Chris Powers, Dr Sinead Holden

    Moderator:  Dr Jennifer Earl-Boehm


Date: October 3, 2019

Address: Milwaukee Marriott Downtown, Milwaukee, WI, USA

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